from bus to Mt. Sam near border of Cambodia
rice field
from Mt. Sam
to Cambodia chldren walk up with us
opposite side
lake comes to rice field after a month
rice field under the lake

On the way to Canto, in incense factory, there are a working girl. She was 12 years old.incense factory
She goes to school in the morning, works in the afternoon. In Vietnam students is devided in two groups (morning and evening) because of the luck of teachers and rooms. English madam yearned for her, she can study only 4h, have to work because of poverty.
Some years ago, NGOs in Europe requested to boycott the product made by children. Some Japanese NGOs didn't join. Because they thought the boycott wouldn't get rid of the cause of poverty. They supported children to get better condition in working and go to school if it was half day or some hours.
It is hard to choose which was better. But I thought the Madam thinks too simple and too emotional.
children near factory

bird reservation On the way back from the birds reservation, we walked to the bus. Some children walked together. A small girl requested Mr.F and me to take her hands and lift and down. She requested again and again all the time we were walking.
she follow us all the way to our bus
She gave us flowers. She was very cute. Maybe travelers were toys of the children.
I traveled some countries, I felt Vietnamese children are the most friendly.

In Canto we ate dinner in the restaurant near the river. I tried a snake. It was almost chicken. If I wasn't told so, I would know that was snake.