kuchi tunnel tour

We joined Kuchi tunnel and Caodai Temple tour of Sinh Cafe.

on the way to Caodai
We regret to join 1 day trip. half day trip only to the tunnel was better.
"Eye" the symbol of Caodai
Caodai temple
on the way to the tunnel
The guide explained about the tunnel very eagerly with English good to listening for me. He was too eager, and the soldiers who is managing the tunnel said hurry up to him, he didn't stop talking. He looked like more than 30 years old. He may experience the War in childhood.
US army tank
narrow entrance of the tunnel
to the tunnel

The tunnel that we could walk in was short. I thought the tunnel near DMZ was better. But, his explanation was very good.

In dinner, I ate seafood on the street shop.
street restaurant
shells with fish source and pasta

We tried another restaurant.
in the restaurant
 My best pleasure on the trip is to eat. I always try many cuisines on the trip. Traveling South East Asia, I drink shakes, especially banana shakes, in the night. I love them. When I'm in Japan, I rarely eat bananas, because many bananas are made in the plantation with terrible working condition, sometimes like slaves. In these countries, bananas are small and different from exports, maybe farmers near the city made it.